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Planned Giving & Benefits

Most of us have participated in making financial decisions during our lives such as buying a car, a home or how to pay college tuition. In each instance, you planned beforehand, chose the option that suited you best, and then proceeded with your plan.

Planned Giving & Benefits

Planned giving is the term used to describe the process that takes place when a donor decides to leave a substantial gift to a charity. It simply means that you have planned in advance, reviewing which giving option suits you best. After determining the proper option, you then give your gift to the charity – or charities – of your choice.

Wills and Life Insurance policies are frequently the options chosen in Planned Giving. However, there are several Planned Giving options in which you can give a substantial gift to AMVETS NSF

a National 501(c)3 organization, take a charitable tax deduction and receive lifetime income now or at a later date. The options, offered by AMVETS, are gift annuities and trusts.

For further information, please contact Mr. Doug Petersen, CFRE at

612-781-0916 or 888-781-0916

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