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 Save & Support


We are a 501(c)(3)

Veteran Service Organization

Our main goal is to serve American Veterans who served our country. AMVETS National Service Foundation provides support to Veterans through service programs as well as providing community and youth-oriented programs designed to promote unity and patriotism. It counsels and represents Veterans and their dependents before the Veterans Administration without charge.

Why Choose AMVETS?

Working Together Helps Everyone!


get the satisfaction of knowing that their quality donated items are helping AMVETS and being used by others.

Thrift Stores

receive a supply of quality merchandise that can be sold at bargain prices and 100% of the proceeds are used for AMVETS Veterans programs.

The Community

in enriched because AMVETS Thrift Stores create jobs, provide community outreach programs, prevent usable items from going to the landfill and more!

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